ECT Support

Post Qualification

How we support you after you qualify

West Midlands Consortium is committed to supporting its early career teachers (ECTs) during the early years of their professional career and as lifelong learners as we believe that this benefits and strengthens our teacher education partnership.

Your experience after you’ve qualified and are working in different school and educational settings is important to us and you continue to be an important part of the Consortium.

We hope that you will keep in touch. You can always contact us by emailing Su Plant Below are just a few ways in which we will continue to support your professional development and experience.

One-to-One Support

We welcome the opportunity to continue to support our ECTs in any way that we can. You, your school or your Induction Tutor are always welcome to get in touch if you feel that there is anything that we can support you with or just to let us know how you are getting on. Please do let your Induction Tutor know how to contact us as we are always more than happy to talk to them!

Continued Professional Development

Throughout the year we will post details of any courses and training that you may be interested in attending – all free of charge of course! 

Careers Advice

As a West Midlands Consortium trainee you are eligible for career support for up to three years after you have graduated. Staff from WMC are available to support you with any careers-related query even after the end of your training programme. We are more than happy to offer help with applications, feedback on personal statements, interview preparation and support, job-seeking advice both locally and nationally and help with career planning and decision making.

Informal Support

You are always welcome to call in for a coffee and chat especially if you are finding things tough!