Assessment Only

For Experienced Graduate Teachers


This route to QTS is for very experienced graduate teachers*. It is not a teacher training route. The route will suit those teachers who do not have QTS but who have taught in at least two of the following:

  • Maintained schools as instructors
  • Further education
  • Independent schools
  • Overseas-trained teachers (OTTs)

Applications can only be considered from teachers whose school rates their teaching as good or outstanding.

Candidates will need to be currently engaged in a teaching role at the point of application or able to secure their own placement in a suitable school setting for the duration of the assessment process.

Following successful application and selection, candidates will be expected to complete the assessment process in 12 weeks. This means that candidates wishing to make an application should be in a position whereby they are already meeting the majority of Teachers' standards.

*It is unlikely that a graduate teacher with less than two years' experience will be eligible for this route; in many cases more experience might be required.

For more information please contact Su Plant, Director of ITT