Appropriate Body

Thomas Telford School

Appropriate Body

Thomas Telford School is registered as an Appropriate Body for the Professional Induction of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs).

Our service is built around the three main responsibilities of administration, quality assurance and supporting and monitoring, and aims to support NQTs in developing the skills to be effective practitioners whilst also monitoring their progress against Teacher Standards.

The core NQT package will include:

  • Registering and monitoring the progress of NQTs and reporting to NCTL
  • Providing advice and guidance on setting up a whole school NQT programme (optional at no additional cost)
  • Delivering a training session to Induction Tutors and mentors of NQTs (optional at no additional cost)
  • Delivering a session to NQTs re the Induction process and Appropriate Body role (optional at no additional cost)
  • Provide phone/email support for Induction Tutors, mentors and Heads
  • Make decisions on the outcome of statutory induction for NQTs in liaison with the Head and notify NCTL
  • Provide advice and guidance where NQTs are at risk of failure and advise on appropriate support packages for the NQT
  • Quality assurance of termly and final assessment forms against the Teachers' Standards
  • Monitor the progress of the NQT including a paired observation visit (optional at no additional cost)
  • Provide an NQT handbook
  • Option to 'opt in' to CPD provided by TTS and through our EPI programme for PGCE primary and/or secondary trainees

The cost for 2019-20 will be £150 per NQT for up to 4 NQTs, and £100 per additional NQT thereafter.

If you would like to register NQTs with us, have any questions or would like additional information please do not hesitate to contact me at